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Mike Ferig: Running for the 4 Year Seat for the Fuquay Varina Board of Commissioners aka Town Council

September 27, 2023 Amanda Lunn
NC Deep Dive
Mike Ferig: Running for the 4 Year Seat for the Fuquay Varina Board of Commissioners aka Town Council
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Curious about what’s brewing in local politics in Fuquay Varina? We explore the candidacy of Mike Ferig, a man running for the four-year seat on the Board of Commissioners, also known as Town Council. Despite him being unable to join the conversation, we illuminate his campaign promises, focusing on sustainable growth, community safety, economic development, and infrastructure improvement. As a cybersecurity analyst and vice chair of the Wake County Young Republicans, Mike's dedication to shaping Fuquay Varina’s future is evident.

We also guide listeners through the voting process, highlighting key dates and locations for early voting and Election Day, and detailing what you'll need to register and cast your vote. This episode is a treasure trove of all things local governance, extending beyond the candidacy of Mike Ferig. We equip you with knowledge and resources to actively participate in shaping your beloved community's future. So, listen in and learn the ropes of local politics and remember that your voice, your vote, matters!

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Early Voting Locations
October 19th-November 4th
Wake County Board of Elections Office: 1200 N. New Hope Rd., Raleigh, 27610

October 28th-November 4th
 --Avery Street Recreation Center: 125 Avery St., Garner, 27529
--John M. Brown Community Center: 53 Hunter St., Apex, 27502

Tuesday, November 7th from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

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Now, let's dive in!

Amanda Benbow Lunn:

Hello friends, you are listening to the Holly Springs Deep Dive podcast, soon to be called the NC Deep Dive. I am your host, Amanda Benbow Lunn, and this episode of our 2023 candidate segment will feature Mike Ferig. While Mike had originally agreed to participate within our candidate segment, he has unfortunately stopped responding to my calls, texts and emails. He has chosen not to prioritize speaking with you via this medium. However, I feel having as much information as possible as a voter is important, so I will simply be going over his website and information that can be found online, in case it's easier for you to take in the information in this way. If you are short on time, you can get all this information from his website or a quick google search, so feel free to skip this podcast if that's a better use of your time. Mike is running for the four-year seat for the board of commissioners for Fuquay Varina, also known as Town Council. He will be running against Charlie Adcock, Marilyn Gardner, William Bill Harris and Nolan Perry. You will be eligible to vote for up to three of these candidates for this seat on your ballot when you go to vote in the upcoming municipal election. Without further ado, friends, let's dive in. Mike's website is www. MikeFerig. com. He writes. My name is Michael Ferig and I moved to Fuquay Varina seven years ago and fell in love with the town's charm and family-oriented lifestyle. I currently serve as the vice chair of the Wake County Young Republicans, where I enjoy helping young conservatives get involved in our community and state governance. I am a husband and a dedicated father of two beautiful kids, with our third on the way. I graduated with a master of science in cybersecurity from Middle Georgia State University and currently work as a cybersecurity threat analyst. In my spare time, I coach soccer teams, referee matches and appreciate the town's available sports facilities, youth and adult activities. Join me in my mission to build a better Fuquay Varina. Together, we can make a difference. If you have any questions or want to get involved in my campaign, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your support. Mike's vision, he writes. Growth has come to our town, fuqua Verena, and our community has a bright future. Fuqua Verena is consistently rated as one of the safest places to live in North Carolina. Couple that with all the convenience of the larger towns, great schools and numerous extracurricular activities. Our town is a gem on the edge of the triangle. My vision is the sustainable growth of Fuquay Varina, keeping its charms and allure for families. To achieve sustainable growth and ensure our beautiful community is around for future generations, we must work together to keep Fuquay Varina safe. He writes. As our community grows, support for our first responders is paramount. Proper funding and providing the resources they need are essential. This will allow us to keep our community safe as it grows. We must cherish the men and women who serve us every day to keep our community safe. Economic development our town's population is growing and we want to attract new businesses that provide job opportunities and services that support the local community. A growing business community also allows the opportunity for private investment, keeping our tax burden down. Your input is appreciated, with a selection of prospective businesses for future development. Infrastructure development Growth is great. However, there are some downsides. Our town's transportation infrastructure requires updates to support growth. We can use multiple funds from the federal government instead of raising our taxes. Together, we can continue to enjoy our town, keep it safe and achieve sustainable growth. We are all neighbors and it will take every family, business owner, first responder and town official working in one accord for the betterment of our community. I look forward to your support, ideas and prayers as we embark on this journey. Mike is endorsed by the Wake County Republican Party and that is the entirety of his website. Democracy is at the heart of all we hold dear. Our local governments have the influence to decide our community's priorities. These offices have a major impact on our daily lives and can have real consequences. They create and enforce local ordinances, fund our local fire and police departments, create the structure and ambiance of our communities and decide our local property taxes. Lower voter turnout in local elections means your vote has even more of an impact. Early voting starts October 19th at the Wake County Board of Elections and begins October 28th and will run through November 4th at the John M Brown Community Center in Apex and the Avery Street Recreation Center in Garner. During early voting, you may go to any of these early voting sites. Election Day will be Tuesday, november 7th. On Election Day, you have to go to your designated polling site. Please remember you will need a valid ID to vote. This year, the voter registration deadline is October 13th, though you may also be eligible to register at the voting sites during the early voting period. And that brings this episode of the Holly Springs Deep Dive podcast, soon to be called the NC Deep Dive to a close. Make sure you check out all the other relevant candidate episodes for the Board of Commissioners, also known as Town Council for Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina, at www. HollySpringsDeepDive. com, spotify, apple Podcasts, audible or wherever you currently listen to your podcasts. I will include helpful links for each candidate and voting in general in their episode show notes on our website. If you have any thoughts or topics you'd like to share, you may do so through social media or via email at Holly Springs Podcast@ gmail. com. Thank you for engaging in today's episode and becoming a more informed citizen. Democracy is a team sport. Together we make democracy work and our communities a better place to work, live and play. Your vote absolutely matters, your voice absolutely matters. You, my friend, absolutely matter. Until next time, my friends. Namaste, the love and light in me, sees and honors the love and light in you.