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Charlie Adcock: Running for the 4 Year Seat for the Fuquay Varina Board of Commissioners aka Town Council

September 27, 2023 Amanda Lunn
NC Deep Dive
Charlie Adcock: Running for the 4 Year Seat for the Fuquay Varina Board of Commissioners aka Town Council
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Discover how your vote can shape the future of Fuquay Varina in our review of Charlie Adcock’s candidacy for the Board of Commissioners. We may not have Charlie himself on the show, but we're giving you a detailed rundown of his website. We delve into his deep roots in Fuquay Varina, his tenure as the Planning Board chairman, and his experience in the financial sector that has been instrumental in our community’s development.

We go on to discuss the key elements of his campaign platform, which heavily leans on infrastructure development, police support, fiscal management, and the rejuvenation of the historic downtown. Hear about his strategies for long-term economic success, supporting religious organizations, and enhancing quality of life through improved park systems. Remember, your vote holds immense power and is instrumental in shaping our community's future. Tune in to become a more informed citizen and remember, your vote absolutely matters!

Website: Charlie Adcock Town Commissioner
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Now, let's dive in!

Amanda Benbow Lunn:

Hello friends, you are listening to the Holly Springs Deep Dive podcast, soon to be called the NC Deep Dive. I am your host, Amanda Benbow Lunn, and this episode of our 2023 Candidate Segment will feature Charlie Adcock. Charlie has unfortunately not responded to my calls, emails or social media messages and has declined via a third party. He has chosen not to prioritize speaking with you via this medium. However, I feel having as much information as possible as a voter is important, so I will simply be going over his website and information that can be found online, in case it is easier for you to take in the information this way. If you are short on time, you can get this information from his website or a google search, so feel free to skip this podcast if that is a better use of your time. Charlie Adcock is running for the four-year seat for the Board of Commissioners for Fuquay Varina, also known as Town Council. He will be running against Mike Ferig, Marilyn Gardner, William Bill Harris and Nolan Perry. You will be eligible to vote for up to three of these candidates for this seat on your ballot when you go to vote in the upcoming municipal election. Without further ado, friends, let's dive in. Born and raised in Fuquay Varina, Charlie Adcock has developed an innate connection with the town's values and vision for the future. Charlie's professional journey as a branch manager and business banker at First National Bank in our downtown area not only underscores his proficiency in financial matters, but also serves as a testament to his commitment to the town's economic well-being. With extensive experience in the financial sector, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted needs of both businesses and residents. Beyond his professional achievements, Charlie has played a pivotal role in shaping our community's development, serving as the chairman of the Fuquay Varina Planning Board from 2001 to 2007 and subsequently as a town commissioner, mayor Pro Tem, from 2007 to 2018. He has demonstrated unwavering dedication to effective governance and community advancement. In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Charlie was presented with the key to the city in 2019, an honor that reflects his remarkable commitment to the growth and well-being of Fuquay Varina. Charlie's commitment to family values is equally commendable. He serves as a loving husband to Shannon, a dedicated public school teacher, and is the proud father of Vivian, James and Graham. His personal values strongly resonate with his professional dedication to creating a secure and prosperous environment for all residents. Charlie's active participation extends to various community organizations, including Anthem Christian Church, the Fuquay Varina Chamber of Commerce, the Fuquay Varina Rotary Club and the Downtown Association. His holistic engagement underscores his commitment to fostering a vibrant and cohesive local community. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration, both earned from East Carolina University, Charlie's academic credentials mirror his commitment to lifelong learning and growth. His academic journey is complemented by a certificate in development and environmental planning, highlighting his multifaceted approach to community enhancement. Regarding his platform, he says the following we must be aggressive in developing our infrastructure. Our roads, water system and sewer system must be expanded and improved at a faster pace. I will work with town staff as well as state and federal leaders to allocate time resources. We must be aggressive in developing our infrastructure. Our roads, water system and sewer system must be expanded and improved at a faster pace. I will work with town staff as well as state and federal leaders to allocate time and resources to these necessities for our town. I strongly support the Fuquay-Varina Police Department. I recognize their sacrifices to our community and will expect them to maintain our town status as one of the safest communities in North Carolina. I will focus on prudent fiscal management with the goal of maintaining our AAA bond rating. I recognize that property taxes in Wake County continue to rise and that we must be very careful not to overburden our citizens with undue tax increases. In addition to our police, I will work hard to support all town employees and in turn I will expect them to work hard for our citizens. Both our town employees and our elected officials must be focused on the continual improvement of our town. As our town grows rapidly, we must consider all stakeholders in our short and long-term planning. I will make planning decisions with a focus on achieving long-term economic success of our entire community. I support our many religious organizations and appreciate their contributions to our town. I will look for ways for our town to work well and proactively with these groups, especially when they are investing in new and or upgraded facilities. Our Parks and Recreation Department offers many quality of life amenities for all our citizens and especially our children. I believe with better partnerships with existing landowners, the town should build more greenways and bike-friendly trails around town. I understand our residents expect a first-class park system and we should continue to invest wisely. I support and will encourage the continued revitalization of our historic downtown by the town updating ordinances. 10 plus years ago, craft breweries were allowed to do business and they have contributed to a major economic revitalization of our commercial districts. We must continue to be innovative to encourage and allow small businesses to thrive. I will push for the revitalization of our oldest residential communities. The goal should be for these older neighborhoods to have all the amenities as our newer communities. Sidewalks, neighborhood parks, water and sewer infrastructure should be a focus in these older areas. As a native, I have a very strong appreciation of our town's history. I believe our history adds character to our town and I will work to promote our two downtown districts and the unique history that has allowed them to thrive. I will make decisions and analyze expenditures using the lens of economic development. I will judge our town's efforts by the results we receive. We must continually be reevaluating our strategic goals to make sure we are staying ahead of our fast-changing economy. We should strive to keep politics out of local government as much as possible. Local government should be focused on providing services to its citizens, not on divisive cultural issues that are best addressed at the state and or federal level. According to the Town of Fuquay Varina's Board of Commissioners regular meeting notes for December 18, 2018, the town board exited the town boardroom to hold their closed session meeting. Upon returning to open session, a motion was made, and duly seconded, to accept the letter of resignation from Charlie as commissioner, effective immediately. Charlie has been endorsed by the Wake County Republican Party and that is the entirety of his website. I was not able to find any Facebook page for Charlie. Democracy is at the heart of all we hold dear. Our local governments have the influence to decide our community's priorities. These offices have a major impact on our daily lives and can have real consequences. They create and enforce local ordinances, fund our local fire and police departments, create the structure and ambiance of our communities and decide our local property taxes. Lower voter turnout in local elections means your vote has even more of an impact. Early voting starts October 19 at the Wake County Board of Elections and begins October 28th and will run through November 4th at the John M Brown Community Center in Apex and the Avery Street Recreation Center in Garner. During early voting you may go to any of these early voting sites. Election day will be Tuesday, November 7th. On election day, you have to go to your designated polling site. Please remember you will need a valid ID to vote. This year the voter registration deadline is October 13th, though you may also be eligible to register at the voting sites during the early voting period. And that brings this episode of the Holly Springs Deep Dive Podcast, soon to be called the NC Deep Dive, to a close. Make sure you check out all the other relevant candidate episodes for the Board of Commissioners, also known as Town Council for Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina, at www. HollySpringsDeepDive. com, spotify, apple Podcast, audible or wherever you currently listen to your podcast. I will include helpful links for each candidate and voting in general in their episode show notes on our website. If you have any thoughts or topics you'd like to share, you may do so through social media or via email at hollyspringspodcast@gmail. com. Thank you for engaging in today's episode and becoming a more informed citizen. Democracy is a team sport. Together, we make democracy work and our communities a better place to work, live and play. Your vote absolutely matters, your voice absolutely matters. You, my friend, absolutely matter. Until next time, my friends. Namaste, the love and light in me sees and honors the love and light in you.