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Brian Norman: Running for the 2 Year Unexpired Term Seat for the Holly Springs Board of Commissioners aka Town Council

September 27, 2023 Amanda Lunn
NC Deep Dive
Brian Norman: Running for the 2 Year Unexpired Term Seat for the Holly Springs Board of Commissioners aka Town Council
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Are you aware of the power that your vote holds in local politics? Join me as we plunge into the depths of civic responsibility, focusing on the 2023 candidate for the Board of Commissioners for Holly Springs, Brian Norman. Despite his absence from our conversation, our exploration of his public online presence sheds light on his platforms - families, strategic growth, and safety. Through this episode, we aim to equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision in the upcoming local elections.

We take a closer look at Brian's pillars: Christian virtues, conservative values, and common sense views, which form the backbone of his campaign. But that's not all. This episode also brings to light the critical details about early voting dates, voter registration deadline, and your voting location. So, tune in for more episodes featuring other candidates for the Board of Commissioners at Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina. Remember, every vote counts, and by participating, you are helping shape the future of our community. Your voice matters, let it be heard.

Website: Brian Norman for Holly Springs Town Council (
Facebook: Brian Norman for Holly Springs Town Council
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Early Voting Locations
October 19th-November 4th
Wake County Board of Elections Office: 1200 N. New Hope Rd., Raleigh, 27610

October 28th-November 4th
 --Avery Street Recreation Center: 125 Avery St., Garner, 27529
--John M. Brown Community Center: 53 Hunter St., Apex, 27502

Tuesday, November 7th from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

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Now, let's dive in!

Amanda Benbow Lunn:

Hello, friends, you are listening to the Holly Springs Deep Dive Podcast, soon to be called the NC deep dive. I am your host, Amanda Benbow Lunn, and this episode of our 2023 Candidate Segment will feature Brian Norman. Brian has unfortunately declined to participate and has chosen not to prioritize speaking with you via this medium. However, I feel having as much information as possible as a voter is important, so I will simply be going over his website and information that can be found online, in case it is easier for you to take in this information this way. If you were short on time, you can get this information from his website or a Google search, so feel free to skip this podcast if that's a better use of your time. Brian Norman is running for the two year unexpired term seat for the Board of Commissioners for Holly Springs, also known as Town Council. In the 2023 municipal election, he will be running against Annie Drees, Scoop Green and Travis Groo. You will have the choice to vote for one of these candidates for this seat on your ballot when you go to vote in the upcoming municipal election. Without further ado, friends, let's dive in. Brian's website is electbrian. online.

Amanda Benbow Lunn:

Brian says that he is privileged to run for town council. His family and him moved to North Carolina in 2012 and quickly settled into Holly Springs in 2013. He and his wife have been married for over 30 years and have two young adult children and one teenager. They love the town and hope to serve it in this capacity. He has three areas listed under his platforms, the first of which is families. First, he says families mean a lot to our community, whether it's our schools, parks and recreation. Even our greenways are all great opportunities for families to thrive here. The second platform is smart and strategic growth, he says as Holly Springs continues to grow, we need to continue the path that has already been forged. Solid infrastructure is needed as we try to maintain the current needs as well as making room for more residents. His third platform is safety and security. He states our town is one of the safest towns in North Carolina and in the US, thanks to our solid police officers. I support a strong police and fire department that will serve and protect its citizens.

Amanda Benbow Lunn:

He follows that with what he terms the pillars. The first pillar is Christian virtues, he says. As a Christian, it is my desire to serve our community with honesty, humility, integrity and sincerity. My faith is of utmost importance to me and I treasure the opportunity to serve. The second pillar is conservative values, he states conservative values is not merely a term to toss around lightly. Being conservative instills values to keep taxes low, balance a budget and limit government. The third pillar is common sense views. He states some decisions in life are best left to common sense. He does have a Facebook page. That's Brian Norman for Holly Springs. He has been endorsed by the Wake County Republican Party and that is the entirety of his website.

Amanda Benbow Lunn:

Democracy is at the heart of all we hold dear. Our local governments have the influence to decide our community's priorities. These offices have a major impact on our daily lives and can have real consequences. They create and enforce local ordinances, fund our local fire and police departments, create the structure and ambiance of our communities and decide our local property taxes. Lower voter turnout in local elections means your vote has even more of an impact. Early voting starts October 19th at the Wake County Board of Elections and begins October 28th and will run through November 4th at the John M Brown Community Center in Apex and the Avery Street Recreation Center in Garner. During early voting you may go to any of these early voting sites. Election Day will be Tuesday, November 7th. On Election Day, you have to go to your designated polling site. Please remember you will need a valid ID to vote. This year, the voter registration deadline is October 13th, though you may also be eligible to register at the voting sites during the early voting period.

Amanda Benbow Lunn:

And that brings this episode of the Holly Springs Deep Dive Podcast, soon to be called the NC Deep Dive, to a close. Make sure you check out all the other relevant candidate episodes for the Board of Commissioners, also known as Town Council for Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina, at www. HollySpringsDeepDive. co wwwholyspringsdeepdivecom, spotify, apple Podcasts, audible or wherever you currently listen to your podcasts. I will include helpful links for each candidate and voting in general in their episode show notes on our website. If you have any thoughts or topics you'd like to share, you may do so through social media or via email at Holly SpringsP odcast@ gmail. com. Thank you for engaging in today's episode and becoming a more informed citizen. Democracy is a team sport. Together, we make democracy work and our communities a better place to work, live and play. Your vote absolutely matters. Your voice absolutely matters. You, my friend, absolutely matter. Until next time, my friends namaste. The love and light in me sees and honors the love and light in you.